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Gino's Neighborhood Archives for 2013-05


On Saturday night, someone in Zephyrhills, Florida won the $590 MILLION Powerball jackpot.  And whoever it is got luckier than they ever realized . . . because that jackpot almost didn't exist.



Three nights earlier, the jackpot was worth $360 million.  A woman named Margit Arrobio of Pasadena, California bought five tickets at a Shell station.  And one of them matched ALL five numbers and the Powerball.



For a moment, Margit thought she'd just become SUPER RICH.  So she was surprised when she heard there were NO winning tickets for the drawing.



Turns out Margit didn't win . . . because she bought the ticket 52 minutes too late.  The Powerball drawing was at 8:00 P.M., and Margit bought her tickets at 8:52 P.M.



And if you look at her ticket, it clearly shows it's for the Saturday drawing, NOT the Wednesday drawing.  And on Saturday she lost, of course.



Margit described her emotions as going from SHOCKED when she thought she'd won, to DISAPPOINTED when she found out she hadn't.  Seems like an understatement on both counts. 



(ABC 7 - Los Angeles / Huffington Post)




In Sacramento, California, a woman was recently scheduled to have an upper-gastrointestinal endoscopy . . . which involves snaking a long tube down your throat.  And she was worried because of her very sensitive GAG REFLEX.



You know how that sentence just made you INSTANTLY think perverted thoughts?  Yeah . . . it had the same effect on her doctor.



The woman's doctor is a COLO-RECTAL surgical specialist named J. Peter Zegarra.  And he told the woman she could prep for the scope and cure her gag reflex issue . . . by, quote, "practicing twice a week on her husband."



And the woman ended up telling the California Medical Board what he said.



Dr. Zegarra got an official public reprimand.  The California Medical Board says, quote, "This constituted unprofessional conduct, and so this is a message that this probably wasn't appropriate."



(CBS 13 - Sacramento / Gawker)

Time for some chanclas!



Any women who's been pregnant knows what it feels like to jam certain body parts into articles of clothing they no longer fit in.  But MOST women know when to STOP jamming.



KIM KARDASHIAN is not one of those women.  She's still trying to jam her swollen feet into heels.  And we have some very uncomfortable-looking photos to prove it.  (Daily Mail)


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