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How does your air taste? Mine's delicious!

Last month, there was a story about a woman in California who's had plastic surgery to make herself look like a Barbie doll . . . and how she's now getting hypnotherapy to make herself DUMB like Barbie too. Well, here's another woman who's not doing the feminist movement any favors. There's a model in the Ukraine named Valeria Lukyanova who prides herself on how much she looks like Barbie. And to be honest, she really DOES look like her. Mostly due to plastic surgery and the fact that she STARVES herself to have a 19-inch waist. Recently, she said she's planning to stop eating COMPLETELY, and survive on "air and light alone." Which is an actual "movement" called Breatharianism. People who do it claim you can live without food OR water for extended periods of time. And instead, you get all your nutrients from the SUN. Which sounds impossible . . . because it IS. Several people have CLAIMED they've done it, but it's never actually been documented. However, more than a few people have tried it and DIED. So apparently Valeria LOOKS like Barbie, and also has the same amount of BRAINS as a Barbie doll. She also claims she can speak to ALIENS and that she's achieved TIME TRAVEL. (IBT)