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Yesterday, during a discussion on the website, both men and women talked about the things they HATE the most during sex.  Here are the top seven results for both . . .



The Seven Things Women Hate the Most . . .



1.  Men who are too aggressive and forceful with their hands down below.


2.  Long fingernails.


3.  Hearing, "Are you close?" over and over.


4.  A guy mentioning something another woman did that he liked.


5.  Rushing through foreplay.


6.  Changing positions without mentioning it first . . . when the first position is working.


7.  Men lasting TOO LONG . . . after 20 minutes or so, there's more SORENESS than enjoyment.



The Seven Things Men Hate the Most . . .



1.  The "dead fish" . . . when a woman just lies there, almost motionless, and almost silent.


2.  Having to be the one who initiates it every single time.


3.  A woman rubbing down below like she's trying to start a fire.


4.  Fake porn moans and awkward dirty talk.  Both moans and dirty talk should feel NATURAL.


5.  Overly aggressive scratching.


6.  Hearing, "Are you close?" over and over.


7.  Consistently bad smells down below.  Once in a while can happen, but if the same woman has the same problem every time, it's an issue.



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