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YOU Don't Need It....But They Make us THINK We Do!

The reason marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry, is because when people are good at it, they do an amazing job making us SHEEPLE believe we NEED stuff we totally don't need.



Here's a new list from of six totally unnecessary products that have been marketed SO WELL, we all think they're a necessity.  Check 'em out . . .



1. The iPad.  And the concept of the 'tablet' in general.  You can't make a phone call, and you can't do the stuff you need your laptop for.


2.  Birthday cards.  You spend five bucks on something the other person throws away almost immediately.


3.  Engagement rings . . . and really, diamonds altogether.  Marriages already HAD the ring thing sewn up.  They're called WEDDING RINGS.


4.  Flowers.  Mainly because of the overpriced flowers that murder guys and their wallets on Valentine's Day.  But think about it . . . it's not even a plant that'll last.  They get thrown out before the end of the week. 


5.  Feminine "cleansing" products.  Yes, we're talking about douches, douches.  They actually cause more problems than they solve.


6.  Bottled water.