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What about "over easy"????

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Fried? Hard-boiled? Be honest . . . because we're about to use that information to figure out your personality.



--A ridiculous study out of England has matched up personality traits, lifestyle choices, and even SEXUAL preferences with how people like their eggs. Sounds like a good use of funds. Here's what they found . . .



--Poached eggs. Means you're outgoing and happier than most people. You wear loud clothing and prefer upbeat music.



--Hard-boiled eggs. You're disorganized and most likely to get divorced.



--Fried eggs. Everything about you is SEXUAL. You're better informed about sex, have broader sexual experience, and a stronger sex drive.



--Scrambled eggs. You're guarded and shy. You're also the most likely not to have children.



--Omelets. You have lots of self-discipline. You're reliable, organized, and have a clean home. You're also least likely to get divorced.



(Daily Mail / British Egg Industry Council)