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Can you take me back to 7th grade?

Time travel seems like one of those things that only exists in movies . . . along with teleportation, UFOs, and KRISTEN STEWART saying something interesting.



--But it's NOT. The consensus among scientists is that yes, time travel IS possible . . . according to the laws of physics. At least time travel FORWARD could happen. They still aren't sure how you'd time travel backwards.



--Edward Farhi is the director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT. He says, quote, "There's no question that you can skip into the future. It's actually consistent with the laws of physics."



--To travel forward, you need to be in a vehicle traveling several hundred thousand miles per hour. Then you'd be moving faster than everyone else on Earth, experiencing the passage of time in a different way. It's complicated: Think Einstein's theory of relativity.



--Farhi says to travel backwards, you'd need energy that's as powerful as half the mass in the entire UNIVERSE. And you'd actually destroy the universe in the process.



--Of course this is all VERY theoretical and it doesn't seem like anyone's really trying to do work on building a super-fast vehicle for time travel. But it COULD happen.