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Guilty as Charged!

The Top Three Eating Habits Men Struggle With


"The New York Times" had an article last week on binge eating, and how it's a huge problem for MEN. But the problem is, guys won't admit it, or they're not even AWARE of it.



--That's partly because only around 10% of patients with anorexia and bulimia are men. But according to the article, binging on huge amounts of food is something men do just as much as women.



--One guy they talked to was an EXTREME case. He admitted he sometimes used to eat between 10,000 and 15,000 calories in the span of about 90 MINUTES.



--And you don't have to be overweight to be a binge eater. About 30% of people who struggle with it AREN'T obese or overweight.



--But binge eating isn't the only issue men have when it comes to food. Here are three more bad eating habits a lot of guys struggle with.



#1.) Always Cleaning Your Plate. If it's what your parents taught you, it's a hard habit to break. But when you order something at a restaurant, it's usually WAY more than a single serving. So you pretty much always need a doggy bag.



--If you're at home and can't stand the thought of wasting food, just pay attention to how much you're putting on your plate to begin with. And don't pile on more than you need.



#2.) Eating Too Fast. According to dining etiquette, you're actually supposed to put your fork DOWN while you're chewing. And it makes sense when it comes to your weight too, because it gives you a chance to feel full.



--If you just shovel food into your mouth, you tend to eat more.



#3.) Eating Too Much Meat. Most guys have red meat or chicken with almost every meal. But they tend to shy away from fish, which is obviously better for you.



--In fact, just eating fish OCCASIONALLY can make a difference in your health. Even if it's once a week.