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DJ Drama Chris Brown J Cole


DJ Drama’s next album will contain a track called ‘Undercover’ that teams up hip-hop and R&B stars Chris Brown andJ. Cole. And the main reason Drama paired them together is simply because they’ve never worked together before.

“We were searching for tracks for Chris,” Drama told MTV News. “I really needed to get something that felt right. We got him something, Chris went in. I thought about it for a minute. Who hasn’t he worked with, who hasn’t he been on a record with?”

Drama eventually settled on Cole for ‘Undercover,’ which was produced by V12 the Hitman. “It’s a good record. I think the ladies are gonna like this one,” Drama promises. The track will appear on the DJ’s ‘Third Power’ record, which drops Oct. 11.

Though MTV notes that Cole and Brown did appear together on a little-known remix, ‘Undercover’ is their first significant collaboration. Drama is one of the many people in the J. Cole fan club lately. “J. Cole has definitely been doing his thing,” he says. “That’s another guy that I have a lot of respect for and I’m excited for what he’s accomplishing.”

Cole’s debut, ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story,‘ was just released this week and is on track to enter the album chart at No. 1.





There will be no apology from Britney Spears, who came under fire for clutching a firearm in her upcoming video for her new single ‘Criminal.’ She filmed the clip in England, where a recent rash of riots broke out, causing locals to go “Tsk Tsk” since they viewed Brit’s actions as insensitive to recent events and glamorizing violence. Photos surfaced of Brit Brit and boyfriend Jason Trawick in character and knocking off a convenience mart a la Bonnie and Clyde in the video.

Locals, in fact, demanded an apology and suggested the singer donate to a charity to make up for her actions, which they deemed questionable.

But Brit’s having none of it. The singer issued a statement to MTV News about the matter, which read as follows: “The video is a fantasy story featuring Britney’s boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays out the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots ever happened.”

Both sides have valid points. Brit’s song was written eons ago and is clearly a fictional situation, as she and her man are not gun-toting crooks or rabble rousers. But the fact that Brit shot the clip in London so close to such dramatic, violent events is a spot of poor judgment.

While the pistol Brit was packing was a replica, the photos of her with a weapon were still enough to cause an outrage and an uproar across the pond.





Justin Timberlake can add feature film producer to his list of already impressive credits, as the singer/actor will be starring in and producing ‘Spinning Gold,’ a forthcoming film from Boardwalk Films.

‘Spinning Gold’ follows the life of Neil Bogart, the founder of the famed Casablanca Records. Bogart discovered and launched the careers of some major music talent, such as Kiss, Parliament, Donna Summer and The Village People, so his fingerprints are all over the ’70s music landscape. He was pretty much an architect of the sound and culture of that era!

Boardwalk Entertainment Group partner, producer and screenwriter Tim Bogart, also Neil Bogart’s son, said that JT is perfect to step into the shoes of their father on screen. “This movie is literally three decades in the making, but we knew that without the perfect actor to bring our father to life on film, his essence and impact on the lives and careers he inspired would never be fully captured – from the moment we met Justin, we knew we’d found our Neil Bogart,” Tim said in a statement. “With Justin also a producer on the movie, together we’re crafting this saga about a young dreamer who started with nothing and came of age in the ’60s and ’70s, believing anything was possible and every risk was worth taking. Though he died at only 39, he lived to see all his dreams come true.”

Do we see Oscar gold in JT’s future? The Academy loves a biopic and a feel-good story, and ‘Spinning Gold’ fulfills both those criteria. Emmys and Grammys already festoon his mantelpiece.





R&B superstar Drake has been tapped to perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the first time ever next month. The singer joins actress Anna Faris who will be the host of the Oct. 15 episode of the variety show, which airs on NBC at 11:30PM ET.

Drizzy is the third Young Money artist to perform on SNL following appearances by Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Minaj appeared earlier this year and was featured in a few comedy sketches, including our favorite, ‘Bride of Blackenstein.’

No word if Drake will appear in any skits, but since he’s an actor, we expect he might participate in a comedy sketch or two. We are quite sure that Adam Samberg is writing an SNL Digital Short especially for him right now.

Other artists slated to appear on the upcoming season include Lady Antebellum (Oct. 1), Foster the People (Oct. 8), and Michael Bublé (Dec. 17).

As we previously reported, Drake unveiled the cover art for his upcoming LP ‘Take Care.’ The artwork features the 24-year-old singer draped in gold chains sitting at a plush table with a gold owl statue. ‘Take Care’ will arrive in digital and retail stores on Oct. 24.



Sean Parker Snoop Dogg


You know you’ve got some sort of “power” when you are able to cobble together a show that features the likes ofSnoop Dogg, The Killers and Jane’s Addiction in less than 48 hours. That’s just what Sean Parker, the Napster co-founder and Facebook founding president, played to perfection by Justin Timberlake in ‘The Social Network,’ did.

To celebrate his Spotify service, Parker threw a secret show, aka killer party, at a San Francisco warehouse. He called in favors from big names like Snoop and Perry Farrell and voila! A show was born.

997 Now Radio reports that Lady Gaga was excepted to turn up, but she didn’t!

The show was more than a show. It was an event, with mini donuts, a sushi bar and an ice cream bar, so good times were had by all.

Some highlights: The Killers had to recruit a temporary rhythm section on short notice and they covered ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.’ Jane’s Addiction played a hit parade of classics and invited Parker on stage, with Farrell proclaiming, This is my friend for life.”

Snoop Dogg soared through his biggest hits and requested weed, saying, “There’s a lot of millionaires in here, who’s going to bail me out?” Let’s hope that no one denied Snoop his due!





Musician and multi-talented multi-tasker John Legend is expanding his artistic palette and adding a few new credits to his already impressive resume. The singer is working on developing a new comedy for NBC called ‘Mixed Blessings.’

Many musicians – LL Cool J and Reba, to name a few — have gone on to enjoy incredible success on the small screen so there is no reason that John Legend can’t replicate that model, whether or not he is behind the camera or in front of it!

Perez Hilton reports that the show will be structured around a prominent hip-hop star who is enjoying being a singleton while famous, taking advantage of all the perks that come alongside fame. However, he discovers that he has a long-lost teenage son, with whom he tries to reconnect. His son lives with a white suburban family and that’s where the fun begins.

The show could be on the air as soon as 2012, but production dates and such have yet to be confirmed. It’s also not clear if Legend himself will star in the show in any capacity, either. From the looks of it, he may just be behind-the-scenes in the development stages.



Mary J. Blige


If you have been waiting patiently for Mary J. Blige to release her new album, well, wait no more. The Grammy-winning songbird has penciled in Nov. 21 as the release date for her tenth album ‘My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I),’ reports Rolling Stone magazine (via Rap-Up).

Among the surprises that will be featured on the collection are the return of Blige’s rap alter ego Brook Lynn, who is going to spit bars on the Rico Love-produced and written song, ‘Midnight Drive.’ If you recall, the feisty rapper made her debut on Busta Rhymes‘ energetic ‘Touch It’ remix followed by the rap ballad ‘Enough Cryin” from Blige’s ‘The Breakthrough’ album.

The ‘My Life II’ LP boasts production assists from studio mavericks Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, Jim Jonsin, the Underdogs and Jerry Wonda.

“The first ‘My Life,’ I didn’t understand why I was in so much pain,” explains Blige about her new album. “This one adds another level of understanding.” The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul recorded so many songs for the album that a follow-up is in the works. “We’re going to do ‘Act II,’ because it’s just too much good music,” she says.



Justin Elmo


Justin Bieber is reincarnated as a plush and well-coiffed puppet for the upcoming 42nd season of ‘Sesame Street.’ However, it’s not the real Biebs singing or voicing the character. It’s his doppelganger and a sound-a-like, duetting with the adorable Elmo. Don’t you just want to give Elmo a big, huge squeeze? He is the cutest ever!

The ‘Sesame Street’ version of “The Biebs” has the signature floppy haired bangs, which he whips around while wearing a stylin’ leather jacket and dog tag. He sings with Elmo, who is also sporting a leather jacket while looking and sounding as adorable as ever. There’s also a massive plush elephant in the room, and we’re sure that we picked up what ‘Sesame Street’ was putting down with that metaphor. There’s an elephant in the room that no one’s talking about it and it has to do with The Biebs. Interpret as you wish!

The Biebs’ lookalike and Elmo partner up for a song called ‘Measure, Yeah, Measure,’ the melody of which is awfully similar to The Biebs’ smash hit ‘Never Say Never.’

It’s painfully cute as The Biebs and Elmo cut the song in the studio and even engage in a little mid-song rapping. Elmo can always reinvent himself as a rapper down the line. Seriously. We “buy” the little guy in that role. This is a vortex of cuteness — you will get sucked in whether you like it or not.





Ick! Christina Milian was well within her rights to call the health department after she dined at a restaurant in LA last week. The singer ordered a delicious Kobe beef salad at a Mexicali eatery in Studio City, only it wasn’t as delicious as she had hoped. There was an unexpected, um, crouton of sorts in the form of a chewed gum. How gross!

TMZ reports that the petite singer/actress was halfway through her meal when she noticed a chewy substance in her mouth, something not befitting a salad. She spit out the wad of gum, which was now doubly chewed and promptly hit the ladies room to vomit. As a result, the establishment comped her meal.

That wasn’t enough for Milian. Instead, she filed a complaint with the Department of Health in Los Angeles. A DOH rep confirmed the filing.

Milian told TMZ that she is so freaked out about the incident and is concerned for her health. “The most important thing to me is to make sure my health is okay. Ever since the incident I have not eaten out,” she said. While eating in public always has its hazards, we can’t say we blame Milian for being totally squeamish and freaked out by finding ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM in her salad! Ick times 10.



50 Cent


It looks like 50 Cent is on the road to feeding a billion people in five years. The altruistic rapper announced that he has fed over 2.5 million people off the initial sales of his new 6-hour energy drink Street King.

With the launch of Street King, Fiddy hopes to achieve his goal of providing meals for hungry kids and, ultimately, end world hunger. “Every time they purchase SK [energy drink], a child is being fed,” he said on his own radio program G-Unit Radio. “I went to Africa. When you see it up close, it’s a whole different thing from when you see it in commercials. You’ll be affected by it.”

50 hopes his venture will spark other business models for other artists to pursue entrepreneurial ventures that relates to helping the world. “If just one percent of business was given to charitable organizations, we would alleviate all of extreme poverty around the world,” he says. So far, pop stars like UsherJustin BieberLady GagaDrake and have expressed interest in 50′s campaign. “So we’re looking forward to building bigger and better things,” he says.

50 also stresses that his hunger relief campaign is a reflection of his growth as an artist and entrepreneur. “You can see I’m growing in different areas. I’ve been exposed to different things,” he says. “I’ve traveled. I’ve been able to interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds. It’s given me a different insight and perspective on different things.”



Justin Bieber Bieberkinis


Who knew Justin Bieber was hiding a bikini bod beneath his purple hoodie and skinny jeans? Thanks to a little photoshop creativity from BuzzFeed, the Biebs is now rocking some lady-like curves in what they like to call Bieberkinis.


In the ultra artistic — and now ultra viral — set of photos, different Bieber heads are plastered onto different womens’ bikini bodies. There’s the seductive Bieber, as seen above in a red and white striped top, as well as a wet Bieber, a snow bunny Bieber, a belly button ring Bieber and even a pregnant Bieber (which really freaks us out).

While we know that Biebs is likely harvesting a pair of six pack abs rather than a set of volumptious breasts, it’s still hilarious to see him rocking a sexy female figure. We hope that even the biggest Beliebers can get a laugh out of this, because it’s all in good fun.



J. Cole and Trey Songz


Roc Nation superstar J. Cole and his buddy, R&B singer Trey Songz, are having fun on a tropical island in their new video for ‘Can’t Get Enough.’ The song is from the rhyme-slinger’s upcoming debut LP ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story’ (due in stores Sept. 27).

Filmed entirely in Barbados, Hollywood Cole and Trigga Trey are having the time of their lives as they unapologetically boast that they are players who like to have fun with the ladies. Judging by the visuals in the video, Barbados is the perfect place to get your freak on. We are also introduced to an interesting mix of people who inhabit country’s capital of Bridgetown. Later, Cole and Songz have a nighttime beach party with a slew of bikini-clad babes. Yes, we are so jealous of them right now.

Also, if you look closely, you will spot Rihanna puffing on a cigar and having fun with the fellas, as well. It’s only right since the songbird was recently appointed the Ambassador of Tourism for the country. Overall, this is a fun video that makes us want to book a one-way trip to Barbados. Who wants to join us?

LMFAO performing "SEXY & I KNOW IT" on Jay Leno.


if you missed it on the Jay Leno Show... HERE IT IS!!! - djchris





Everyone in the free world knows that Beyonce is expecting her first child at the age of 30. While Bey has certainly mastered the art of pop divadom and of hitting the highest of notes while looking like a supermodel, Bey has a lot to learn when it comes to motherhood. While we’re sure her maternal instincts will take over once Baby Bey or Baby Z (the baby daddy is hubby Jay-Z) arrives, she is reportedly stocking up on advice in advance, asking her friendGwyneth Paltrow for pointers!

Paltrow, mom to Apple, 7, and Moses, 5, with rocker hubby Chris Martin of Coldplay, has been advising Beyonce on which food supplements to consume in order to ensure that her pregnancy is as healthy as possible.

Oh No They Didn’t reports (via Closer) that a source said “Gwyneth has known about this pregnancy for over a month and has been telling Beyonce to drink a shot of wheatgrass each morning and to rub her belly with coconut oil to prevent stretch marks.”

In addition to the wheatgrass and coconut oil, Gwynnie suggested an hour’s worth of daily meditation and soaking her feet in ice water to avoid swelling. She also sent the singer a parcel of energy crystals. The Closer source also commented that Beyonce is even a bit overwhelmed by how much advice Paltrow is doling out, saying, “Beyonce knows Gwyneth is just trying to show how much she cares, but her advice can be a little overwhelming. She’s sending packages of herbs and vitamins – but Beyonce wants to do things her own way, what suits her best and not be told what to eat.”

Paltrow has been dabbling in singing this past year, so maybe Bey can return the favor with some music industry advice!



Rick Ross Kreayshawn


The dissing war between Rick Ross and Kreayshawn is finally over … Or at least we hope so. The ‘Gucci Gucci’ rapper told U.K.’s Urbanworld TV that she ended her beef with Rozay with some literal beef. Apparently, the pint-size artist settled everything over steaks. WTF?

“I bought DJ Khaled a couple steaks and we worked everything out,” Kreayshawn said. “As far as that, nothing’s popping off. It’s just a little rough patch at the VMAs, but we got all over it. It’s all over now.” We’re not too sure if she was joking with her “steak” story because it sounds ludicrous in our opinion.

If you haven’t been keeping score, Kray-Kray dissed Ross twice — once in a lame freestyle and the other time on a video chat session — and so when the two ran into each other at the MTV Video Music Awards, a brawl nearly ensued. Three weeks later, Rozay is continuing his verbal assault in an upcoming XXL magazine interview, calling Kreayshawn a “dirty b—h” and promising to slap the guy who carries her bags.

The news of their feud being over is a relief to us, but we’re not absolutely positive if their rivalry is really over. The reason we are skeptical is because we don’t know when this interview took place or if Kray heard about Ross’ threats in the XXL article.

Nevertheless, the Oakland, Calif., rapstress insists that she’s not trying to cause any trouble, she is just simply misunderstood. “I feel like a comedian at times, because I’m a funny down-to-earth person,” says Kreayshawn. “So some things that I do and say get read wrong because I’m not some label chick that randomly made it.”





Lil Wayne


Rapper Lil Wayne is really taking his love for skateboarding to another level. The Young Money leader is so serious about skateboarding that he now travels around with his own personal skate ramp attached to the back of a Cadillac Escalade.

Now this might be too extreme for the average skateboarder but for the millionaire baller that tours coast-to-coast this is a necessity since every city doesn’t have a skate park. According to TMZ, Weezy brings along a portable quarter pipe into a trailer, pulled by the Escalade, which follows behind his tour bus.

So whenever Wayne wants to do a 360 flip, he’ll have the ramp on standby ready to go 24 hours a day. Not only that, he also hired a professional skater to coach him on the latest skateboarding tricks. This should help since he busted his noggin’ a while back at a skate park in St. Louis. Wayne had to get nine stitches to close a gash over his left eye after wiping out while doing a trick.

Since, Wayne wrapped up his ‘I Am Still Music’ tour, he will have plenty time to play with his skateboard. With his portable ramp and coach along for the ride, it looks as if Weezy might go professional with this luxurious hobby.


Exclusive Jersey Shore Clip: Deena Dances Her Panties Off! (VIDEO)



It’s almost Jersday, so you know what that means — some Jersey Shore goodness! In an exclusive clip, "Blast in a glass” Deena proves she’s the ultimate party girl by dancing her panties off. And we mean that quite literally! She dances so hard…her panties slip right down to the floor. 

Drake's leaking out ANOTHER NEW SONG from his upcoming album – Club Paradise


Drake appears to be in a generous mood as he announced to unleash three tracks tonight. Here is the first audio treat, entitled "Club Paradise." The track was named after a famous strip club in Toronto and shows the rapper intending to improve his relationship with his mother, calling out strippers by their real names, and taking advice by one of his prominent rap colleagues. Produced by Noah “40” Shebib. (I WOULD have posted the track here on my blog for you to download but I don't know the rules about me posting tracks w/CUSS words on my Z-BLOG... so i'll just tell you where to GO to get it.) SOUNDCLOUD.COM (SEARCH FOR "DRAKE - CLUB PARADISE") There's a download link available as well. - DJCHRIS FONSECA!!!




Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga loves her song ‘You and I’ so much, she is dedicating an entire EP to it. A special ‘You and I’ digital EP will hit retailers on Sept. 18 and it will feature seven different, revamped renditions of the song.

According to NME, a physical copy will also be made available to Gaga’s little monsters, but this version will only feature the Metronomy remix of ‘You and I’ as well as Wild Beast’s take on the tune. On the digital version, fans can also take in remixes from Mark Taylor, 10 Kings, ATB, Danny Verde, and Hector Fonesca. <------ HEY... this guy has my LAST NAME! haha

‘You and I’ is Lady Gaga’s fourth single off of her ‘Born This Way’ album, following the title track, ‘Judas’ and ‘The Edge of Glory.’ Gaga made history when she performed the track in drag (as her alter, foul-mouthed ego Jo Calderone) live at the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards.

Recently, Gaga released a fashion film set to the music of ‘You and I.’ Her official music video for the song also features several fashion statements, including her drag king Jo Calderone, a mermaid suit, and a black thong dominatrix-type outfit. - djchris fonseca




Ow ow! Rihanna is looking super sexy and semi-naked in her new series of ads for Armani Jeans and Armani Underwear’s A/W campaign. The Barbadian singer, who has never been shy about showing some skin, stripped down to her bra and panties for the Armani Underwear ad. She also did a gravity-defying back bend over the hood of a car in a bra, leather jacket and denim for another Armani ad.

In the first ad (shot by Steven Klein), Rihanna looks like she could be a film noir temptress as she seductively sits in a vintage car in nothing except her lacy skivvies. The black and white photograph adds to the alluring quality of the advertisement, but Rihanna’s rock-hard body is truly the star of the photo. It’s impossible not to look at this picture without some sort of “wow” expression.

The second ad is a little more tame in the sense that Rihanna has more clothes on. However, her open-mouthed, back bend pose absolutely oozes sex as she rests upon the hood of the old-school, jet-black Lincoln Continental.

Harper’s BAZAAR has another photo of RiRi posing in her underwear, but this time she has switched out the nude-colored bra and panties for a black lacy set.

The ‘S&M’ singer also posed for another Armani Jeans ad recently, and we are digging her black on black outfit. We have one question though — what is up with that bleach blond hair? We aren’t feeling the bowl cut look at all, or the color. Is she planning on dressing up as Fred from ‘Scooby Doo’ for Halloween? If not, we say ditch that do and go back to the red!





Paris Hilton deadmau5 David Guetta

Paris Hilton, house music queen? TMZ says the socialite is training with artists like deadmau5, Afrojack and David Guetta to become the next house superstar.

A source tells the site Hilton has been traveling the world, shadowing Afrojack and deadmau5, and that she will be appearing on stage with deadmau5 in the future. The source says Hilton is motivated to learn about house because no woman has ever taken over in that arena … And she wants to become that person.”

TMZ also claims Hilton is in Ibiza right now with Guetta, who just debuted at No. 5 with his latest project, ‘Nothing But the Beat,’ but his record label tells NME he has no plans to work with the ‘World According to Paris’ star. So much for that part of the story!

As far-fetched as the idea may sound, Hilton did release an album called ‘Paris’ in 2006 and had a Top 20 hit with ‘Stars Are Blind,’ which we still consider a guilty pleasure. And it would be cool to see a big-name female on the house music scene. We’ll have to hear from the Afrojack and deadmau5 camps before we discount this rumor altogether.

WIZ jus got the BEST BDAY GIFT EVER!!!


According to MTV News, the three drug charges (one including drug trafficking) against Amber Rose's PDA-pal, Wiz Khalifa, were all dropped yesterday due to a few errors during the time of arrest last November in Pill County, North Carolina. 

District Attorney Clark Everett Everett says the the trafficking charge was a blunder due to the amount of marijuana confiscated from the bus — slightly more than 2 ounces, according to Greenville, North Carolina's The Daily Reflector — didn't meet the 10-pound count required to charge Wiz.

At the time of his arrest, Khalifa paid off a hefty amount  to cover a $300,000 bond for himself and the nine other men arrested, something that was also recorded as a mistake, given the actual nature of the charges.

"The magistrate or someone at that office must have misread the statute. We discovered the error maybe two hours after [Khalifa] paid the bondsman's premium and left," says Everett. "Because of that, it was a high price he paid for bringing the drug onto campus. Had he remained to discover the error, he would not have been bonded so high. Probably $1,000."

Happy 24th Wiz!




Today on Twitter, DEV tweeted some very big news — she's pregnant! Like, very pregnant. The 'Bass Down Low' shared a link to a blog post with her followers, in which she not only confirms that she's got a bun in the oven, but reveals the sex and offers up some photographic evidence. “Like i said, this past year has been crazy, but I appreciate all the good and bad i went through in order to be where I am right now. I have falling in love with my best friend, Jimmy, he’s really such a beautiful human being. He’s the sh–! As an extension of our love we have created a radical little baby!! Who will join us very soon. She’s the best thing in the world,” she says.



Singer Chris Borwn has collaborated with the best including Ace Hood, Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beatz. For his latest collabo, the 22-year-old blonde crooner teamed up with a band a few may be unfamilar with but may peak their interest after watching this online video.

Brown hooked up with a band called U.G.L.Y., which is an acronym for Underneath Greatness Lies You (Aww, how sweet). The group’s front-woman is singer Stormi Henley, a former Miss Teen USA pageant winner, and there’s nothing “ugly” about her.

In the clip, Brown and Henley sing an acoustic guitar-driven rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 song ‘A Thousand Miles.’ During the performance, Brown segues into his chart-topping R&B ballad ‘No B.S.’ as Henley nods her head and sings along to the song’s suggestive lyrics.

We don’t know why U.G.L.Y. and Brown are in the studio together, but our best guess is that they are writing a couple of songs for the band’s album. We are also a little surprised by 20-year-old Henley’s vocal chops — her falsetto is light as a feather. We haven’t heard much from U.G.L.Y., but the band has a pretty good future ahead of themselves. And that’s no B.S.

Watch the U.G.L.Y and Chris Brown Acoustic Session



It's Official! Eddie Murphy Set To Host The Oscars


Eddie Murphy has officially agreed to host the 84th Academy Awards. Oscar producer Brett Ratner made his decision today, chosing Murphy to host over several other celebrities who had expressed interest.

Eddie, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 2006′s Dreamgirls, is said to worship the Oscars. “Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie. Not Brett. Not even Quentin Tarantino. Eddie can quote scenes from every single movie word for word,” an insider tells Deadline. “He can bring all that experience to hosting. Plus he has Saturday Night Liveexperience before a live crowd.

The Oscars host isn’t usually chosen or announced until January but everyone seems to be happy with the news.


A system of stores run by the United States Department of Defense will NOT be stocking Soulja Boy's upcoming album -- so long as it contains the rapper's army-bashing song lyrics.

LTC Thomas Shrader from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service -- an agency run by the USDOD -- tells TMZ, Soulja's "Respect My Hustle" will have no place on the shelves of its 3,100 facilities ... whose MILLIONS in profits go to benefit armed services programs every year.

As we previously reported, the outrage is all over the rapper's new song "Let's Be Real" -- in which Soulja raps, "F**k the FBI and the army troops." Soulja has since apologized.

Shrader tells TMZ, Soulja's lyrics "are unacceptable and not the kind of thing we would want to market.”

But there's still hope for SB -- if the song ultimately gets cut from the album ... we're told the Exchange will reevaluate the ban.







The first of five “fashion films” that Lady Gaga filmed at the same time as the “official” video for ‘You & I‘ has been released. It’s labeled as ‘Haus of U’ featuring Nymph.

Gaga is the only person to appear in the black and white clip, so we can only assume that this is Gaga-as-Nymph in the video. Gaga is wearing the simple white slip dress from the scene in the actual video where she is playing the piano in the middle of the cornfield in Nebraska as her BF Jo Calderone drinks and broods atop the instrument.

Gaga’s hair is long and flowing and she dances like a ballerina throughout. It’s the softest we’ve ever seen her. She looks natural and nearly barefooted; those look like nude flats on her feet. (She’s giving her ankles and her arches a break from the heels for a hot two minutes!) There’s no extreme winged cat eyed liner and no six-inch neck snapper platforms and that’s ok;  she is  delicate, vulnerable, even. But she does appear to flip the bird at the camera at about 32 seconds in, in typical Gaga style.

Gaga is flowy, earthy, airy and ethereal, letting her natural beauty shine through. She shows us her tattoos and the only color bursts onto the screen at the end, as her cheeks blush with pink and her locks turn blonde atop her head.

It was directed by Inez and Vinoodh, for those keeping score at home.



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